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How Windmill loans can help immigrants to Canada upgrade their skills


As a new immigrant to Canada, you might feel the need to upgrade your skills to secure employment or advance in your career here. Financial stability or access to funds is essential to be able to pursue a Canadian credential, professional development, or acquire the licenses required for your regulated profession, whatever the case might be. Windmill Microlending loans of up to $15,000 can help you in this regard.

Windmill Microlending is a national charitable organization that started in 2005 and provides affordable loans for education and training purposes to immigrants and refugees in Canada. Whether you’re an individual with Permanent Resident status with the Convention Refugee status or have become a Canadian citizen but immigrated to the country as an internationally trained professional earlier, you’re likely to be eligible to access the financial and career supports they offer.

Watch this interview, wherein Paula Calderon, National Director – Client Success at Windmill Microlending gives you an overview of how you can connect with them, the loans you can access, as well as career coaching, mentorship, and additional supports you can benefit from.

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