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What makes Morden, Manitoba, a great place for newcomers


Morden is located in South Central Manitoba, not too far away from the Canada-US border. Newcomers to Canada can consider Morden as their destination to live in because the city is growing its population and economy fast, especially due to the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative (MCDII) that helps identify new permanent residents to the community under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). 

The residents enjoy living in Morden’s diverse space and comfortable pace. Let’s hear what they have to say about the city, why it’s a great place for newcomers and their families, its art and culture, and big attractions such as the Pembina Hills Arts Centre and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, where you can go learn about the pre-historic times, and of course, Bruce, the dinosaur!

Video Transcript:

Brandon Burley:
The City of Morden, Manitoba is located in south central Manitoba, south of the city of Winnipeg, 12 miles north of the Canada-US border. We are the fastest-growing city in Manitoba. What makes us special is that we’re growing our economy and growing our community with people from all over the world. There are over 115 different countries of origin represented in Manitoba right now. The labour program that we have through Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative is the center of our economic wheel, and it’s producing high-quality labour for our employers, but it’s also attracting new labour into our community and helping us build a wide, widely accepting and, diverse community.

Jason Dyck:
The space and the pace of this place are to have people’s favourite things who come here. And so the pace is nice and easy. Take it at your own pace. It’s not the hustle and bustle of the city. And then the space you have lots of room to move and there are no traffic jams. The commute to work is, pretty fast. So there are lots of amenities here that you would expect to see only in larger cities, but we have the benefit of having them in a small town too.

Hanna Okopna:
I found this city really convenient, small, but it has everything we need. It has a hospital, it has a walk-in [clinic], it has a supermarket, it has schools. It has everything we need.

Zafrul Hasan:
When I came to Canada, I visited this small city in Morden. I really loved this city. I saw everyone is very friendly. People tell me, Hi, Hello, Where do you come from? Very friendly. I think, oh, this is the perfect place for me, people are so nice. Job is available here, and the school is very near and a very safe place actually. Still, I’m not locking my car, still, I’m sometimes not locking, I forget locking my home. So it’s a safe place, a hundred percent. And my daughter is always walking to her school and coming back from her school alone.

Kenneth Ojimadu:
Last winter, I was stuck in a ditch and just as I was driving and I was stuck…  people start stopping just giving you help, giving you support, trying to pull you out of the ditch. And this is the kind of environment that we find ourselves [in]. People give you the support, they talk to you. They want to be sure that you’re well settled.

Riya Jain:
We covered ourselves for the snow. We played in the snow. And I think playing in the snow is making me more happy. And it’s really fun. And I know it’s a little cold or more cold than what it was in India, but I’m adjusting to it because I have been here for a long time now. So winter is something that I can pass by remotely.

Zafrul Hasan:
Here we have a car. So before we go, we can remotely start, warming the car. Just quick go to inside the car and go to the workshop. Workplace, and workplace is also heated, all the houses heated.

Liz Reimer:
Here in the city of Morden, there are so many different recreation activities that are available. Just like here at the Pembina Hills Art Gallery, there’s an opportunity for different variety of art classes. You can exhibit your art. We have a museum, the Canada Discovery Fossil Center. They offer some fantastic programs where you have the opportunity to go on a dig and find more fossils. And we have Bruce the dinosaur that was found just outside of the city. Bruce is a full-size live fossil that was discovered right here. And so it’s a fantastic opportunity to explore what the prehistoric times were liken. It’s right here in Morden as well.

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