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What are presentation skills and how do you build them?


In conversation with New Canadians reporter Vasudha Sharma, Personal skills coach and trainer Roxana Radulescu shares how you can add personal skills to your presentation skills in order to promote yourself, make connections and leave a lasting impact. Also, Roxana talks about soft skills as personal skills and how these are essential in our everyday lives, especially for newcomers.

Roxana compares the skills to the muscles. The more you train them, the more they grow and become stronger. Skills adopt the same concept, whether you want to develop a new skill or improve an existing one, you have to practice.

Skills are more likely to be called personal skills than just soft skills, they are essential in our lives and especially in the workplace. Some skills are within’ ourselves, we use them more often. Therefore, it is important to maintain and develop them when needed. Some people would like to improve their interviewing skills, while others would rather work on their public speaking or accounting skills. This is a personal decision, that each individual has to take when they want to improve their skillset and take their career to another level.

Finally, Roxana gave presentation skills a broad meaning that doesn’t include only introducing slides, but it goes beyond that to presenting yourself in a networking event, an office meeting talking about a project, and even interviewing, which involves many skills at the same time.

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