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At home in Hamilton after Egypt and the U.S.

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Mony Shohayeb and her family are at home in Hamilton after moving from Egypt This is the first profile in a series highlighting some of the Hamilton area’s successful immigrants. Name: Omneya (Mony) Shohayeb Country of origin: Egypt Came to Canada: 2007 Occupation: Author/Writer Describe your working life: I am a writer and have published […]

New Brunswick – Special TV Episode

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What makes New Brunswick an appealing destination for newcomers to Canada? While many immigrants decide to settle into the largest cities in the country, some opt for smaller cities and rural environments, attracted by the quieter life and the wealth of opportunities here. New Brunswick is the only bilingual province in Canada and has a […]

Why New Brunswick for newcomers?

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Sarnia-Lambton – Special TV Episode

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Sarnia-Lambton is a district in Southwest Ontario, sitting on the Canadian-US border and Lake Huron. The city of Sarnia and the surrounding region have become a popular landing site for new immigrants to Canada who crave a slower pace of life than a busy city like Toronto offers. In this special episode, we explore what […]

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