Home Settlement Toronto Newcomer Day 2019, and all you can look forward to this time

Toronto Newcomer Day 2019, and all you can look forward to this time

Toronto Newcomer Day 2019, and all you can look forward to this time

There is little mystery behind why Toronto is known to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Canada’s largest city sees tens of thousands of newcomers – immigrants and refugees – from across the globe to coming here. They make a life for themselves and end up calling the city home. Today, Toronto is a global leader in business, finance, culture, entertainment and technology, among other areas.

Recognizing the contribution of the large immigrant population, the City of Toronto will hold its 5th Toronto Newcomer Day celebrations on May 16. It is a way to officially tell newcomers that they are very welcome to the city, to call it home and build successful lives.

A glimpse of the 2018 Toronto Newcomer Day celebrations

Like its past four editions, the day would be replete with activities, performances and ceremonies for newcomers to partake in and better induct themselves into their new lives in Toronto. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to…

All the information you need

There’s power in being informed, and this is a good occasion to learn about the many programs available to you as a newcomer to Toronto. From city divisions such as Children’s Services to community exhibitors including settlement agencies, there will be numerous entities setting up kiosks for you to visit and inquire about their services. As an official media partner for the event, New Canadians will be there too. Come along to our kiosk to meet us and say hey!

Gain all the information you need as a newcomer at the information fair

Tour the City Hall

Go beyond looking at Toronto’s City Hall and its extended Nathan Phillips Square as such places for a great photo op. You can learn more on Newcomer Day by way of special 35-minute tours that run from 10 am up till noon. It would be a good idea to register for this ahead of time.

Of Heritage and Indigenous Culture

It’s the perfect time for stories of the trials and successes of Canadians. You can get a taste of this by participating in ‘Not Just Numbers’ a game that’s full of clues that will help participants learn about and reconstruct the life of a historical Canadian.
In addition, there isn’t a better way to get to know about the culture and traditions of the original inhabitant of this land then a hand drum circle. Partake of this activity to learn more about the indigenous people by playing this traditional instrument and singing hand drum songs, courtesy Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone. Prior registration is recommended.

Join other newcomers on a tour of discovery at the City Hall

Art and Belonging

Do you have a wish you’d like to send to other newcomers? Wish them well by sharing your message on a large blank canvas. There’s also a tipi design workshop that you can sign up to design these cone-shaped tents and learn more about indigenous culture and the experiences that have shaped them to be the wonderful people they are.

Citizenship Ceremony

This is arguably one of the most emotional moments for many, a time to officially make Canada one’s abode. Witness new Canadians taking the oath to be active and engaged citizens and to promote its cultural diversity.

A proud moment for new Canadians at last year’s citizenship ceremony.

Meet us at the New Canadians kiosk

We’d be thrilled to meet with you and tell you more about our show and other offerings at our exclusive kiosk at the event. We will also be broadcasting the latest happenings of the day on our website and social media pages, so do stay tuned.

Event details

Where: Nathan Phillips Square
(100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2)
When: Thursday, May 16; 11.30 am – 3.30 am
Note: Given that this is largely an outdoor event, it would be a good idea to take stock of the weather forecast for the day in advance and come dressed accordingly.


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