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This couple decided to immigrate to Canada during the pandemic

Does the thought of immigrating to another country sound overwhelming? Imagine what it would be like to move across the world during this unprecedented pandemic. Vaibhav Saxena and Sanvi Srivastava decided to immigrate from India to Canada in 2020 amid all the COVID-19 chaos.

The couple knew that the journey ahead could throw unexpected challenges their way. And so, both of them did as much research as possible, and their preparation paid off.

Talking to New Canadians reporter Shruti Dargan ahead of Toronto Newcomer Day 2021 (which was celebrated virtually on May 25), Vaibhav and Sanvi shared how they immigrated to Canada separately amid travel restrictions, made the city of Toronto their new home, and were able to find employment in no time.

Travel gear? Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)!

Recalling the flight experience, Sanvi shared, “It was a 14-hour long journey with a mask and face shield on and sanitizing all the time. It wasn’t easy, but it was all worth it in the end.”

Vaibhav had arrived first. “I landed in Toronto in August 2020 at a time when only the bilateral agreement bubble flights were allowed to and fro between India and Canada. I managed to get one ticket and took the decision to immigrate to Canada alone,” he said. By the time Sanvi joined him a month later, Vaibhav had found a rental apartment and set it up enough so they could both focus on their #1 priority – job search.

Ample job offers within a month or so

In just 45 days of arriving in Canada, Vaibhav had two job offers whereas Sanvi had three within 10 days. Watch the video to find out the secret behind their employment success, and what makes this couple say, “Toronto feels like home”.

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