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TV Episode: Morden, Manitoba


Nestled in the south of the province of Manitoba, Morden is a charming city that combines small-town charm with modern conveniences, affordable housing, and ample opportunities for both, residents and new immigrants to Canada.

This growing Prairie city welcomes many newcomers every year through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, among others, and helps them successfully settle into the local community and economy. Regional Connections is an immigrant-serving organization that further supports the city’s new residents through its offerings such as language classes, short & long-term settlement roadmap to finding a job, applying for a health card, or a driver’s license.

This episode of our New Canadians TV show (airs on OMNI Television in Canada) gives you an overview of life in Morden, its welcoming community, the support available for newcomers and their families, business opportunities, and job vacancies waiting to be filled. For instance, there’s a demand for individuals with skilled trades experience & those who can fill tech positions. 

Through special episodes such as this one, we at New Canadians TV Network introduce new and incoming immigrants and refugees to diverse Canadian cities and towns as well as spread awareness about the efforts of organizations that work dedicatedly to attract and retain newcomers in their welcoming regions.

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