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Episode 5


Welcome to the second TV season of New Canadians, a show with information and encouragement for all newcomers to Canada. Airing October 16, 2016, this episode kicked off the season with Toronto’s second annual Newcomer Day, a day the city has dedicated to celebrate and welcome new immigrants. And the accomplishments of newcomers are certainly a lot to celebrate – join us for a chat with Antonio F. Urdaneta, a lawyer who came from Venezuela and persevered to reach his career goals. You might be trying to fulfill your own career plans, but maybe you’ve hit the road bump of needing “Canadian experience.” What does this requirement really mean and how can newcomers earn it? We have an interview with a career coach to fill you in on all the details. And finally, we got a closer look at Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC), a bridging program that supports new Canadians with communications skills they may need to learn to work well in their new home.

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