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PORCH is an exclusive community for immigrant entrepreneurs in, or coming to Canada. It provides a curated, engaging and safe community for immigrant entrepreneurs and their teams, to build relationships, learn, share and help each other succeed.

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Here Magazine is a multimedia platform amplifying underrepresented voices and experiences in Canadian and global media. We are a diverse community, building intercultural awareness by sharing the norms, traditions and stories of all cultures and introducing newcomers to Canada to their adopted communities through the sharing of experience and fostering meaningful community connections.

Magnet is a not-for-profit, digital social innovation platform co-created by Toronto Metropolitan University in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in 2014.  Magnet’s mission is to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada by advancing careers, businesses and communities.

Magnet does this by connecting people, businesses and organizations to opportunity through our intelligent matching technology, developed within the DMZ ecosystem at Toronto Metropolitan University.

The Hire Canada Job Fair & Training Expo is Canada’s most successful & comprehensive multi sector recruitment event. They host recruitment events which introduce applicants to Recruiters, Admissions staff and Career Advisors face to face. Their events provide a great opportunity for organizations that are looking to hire, recruit or promote their brand.