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‘Pandemic’ shift: How Toronto’s immigrant-serving organizations adapted

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic impacted one and all, be it individuals or organizations across the world. Let’s zoom into Canada and take a look at how immigrant-serving organizations in Toronto pivoted or adapted their services to continue supporting newcomers during the pandemic.

One of the challenges that many nonprofit community service agencies as well as their clients probably faced at the beginning of COVID-19 restrictions was the lack of resources to purchase new equipment to adjust to the pandemic-induced need for digital services. The situation demanded better Internet, computer/smartphone access, and technology-savvy individuals.

Immigrant-serving agencies didn’t just overcome the unusual challenges, many pivoted and went above and beyond with a 360-degree-services-under-one-roof kind of approach, organizing food drives, offering vaccination support, and more.

Watch this video to learn how three immigrant-serving organizations in Toronto – Access Alliance, Centre for Immigrant & Community Services (CICS), and Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services (PICS) – adjusted to change.

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