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#NewcomerRiseUp with Tobi Oluwole | Episode 4

Have you ever reapplied for a role at a company you were rejected by? How about reapplying seven times? Tobi Oluwole has. The grit, sense of humour and resourcefulness of this Canadian-Nigerian entrepreneur from Ottawa are unmatched, even when faced with challenges and ambiguity. He shares his learnings generously and vulnerably on LinkedIn, where he has 30,000+ followers.

During the day, Tobi works as a Merchant Success Manager at Shopify. On the side, he is the Co-Founder of 3Skills, helping a community of over 20,000 people become the most employable version of themselves by enlightening them on the three skills (you’ll have to watch the episode to know what they are).

This episode explores the importance and relevance of a “side hustle,” being honest about if/when you are ready for entrepreneurship, lessons learnt through pivotal childhood experiences, entrepreneurial influences that surrounded him when he was younger, and family as his prime motivator.

Newcomer Rise Up is a digital and television interview show created and hosted by Trishala Pillai. Season 1 of the show is produced by Jugaad Community, sponsored by Shopify, and brought to you by New Canadians TV Network. 

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