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#NewcomerRiseUp with Rui Su | Episode 1

Rui Su is a first-generation Chinese-Canadian and pharmacist-turned entrepreneur. Shortly after obtaining her PharmD from the University of Waterloo and after a few stints exploring her interests, she doubled down on combining her passion for technology and pharmacy, co-founding MedMe Health to transform pharmacy care delivery. 

If you booked COVID vaccines or tests through Rexall or Shoppers Drug Mart online, you could thank MedMe Health for facilitating it. Pharmacy (stable) and entrepreneurship (volatile) sit at opposite ends of the risk spectrum. So, what led Rui to the pharmacy as a professional and entrepreneur? What unique experiences, skills, and aspects of her identity led her to MedMe Health and become the person she is today? 

As our first guest on the #NewcomerRiseUp seat, we celebrate Rui and her contributions over the past two challenging years. Watch the full episode to learn more.

Newcomer Rise Up is a digital and television interview show created and hosted by Trishala Pillai. Season 1 of the show is produced by Jugaad Community, sponsored by Shopify and brought to you by New Canadians TV Network. 


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