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#NewcomerRiseUp with Mustafa Alio | Episode 2

Mustafa Alio is a Syrian-Canadian activist and dedicated community leader focused on refugee rights, economic empowerment, and inclusion. His own experiences of refuge fuel his work and advocacy. He has come a long way from knowing a handful of words in English, juggling school during the day, and working shifts at a local nightclub till the early hours of the morning to making Canadian history as the first refugee on Canada’s delegation at a United Nations conference representing a refugee perspective.

Today, Mustafa is the Managing Director of Refugees Seat (or R-SEAT which stands for Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table), an organization dedicated to enhancing and amplifying the role of refugees in global refugee policymaking.

Mustafa’s journey so far features pain, heart-wrenching moments, courage, joy, and optimism. As you watch this episode of Newcomer Rise Up, you will be reminded of the power of being the person you needed when you were younger.

Newcomer Rise Up is a digital and television interview show created and hosted by Trishala Pillai. Season 1 of the show is produced by Jugaad Community, sponsored by Shopify, and brought to you by New Canadians TV Network. 


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