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#NewcomerRiseUp with Andreas Souvaliotis | Episode 12 (Season Finale)

When was the last time you reflected on the traits that make you unique and how you are harnessing those traits? Andreas Souvaliotis is a Greek-Canadian misfit. He is the author of the best-selling book, Misfit, which will urge you to reexamine the negative connotation surrounding the word and realize that we are all misfits worthy of being celebrated.

Andreas is also the founder of renowned companies Carrot Rewards (one of Canada’s most popular wellness apps) and Green Rewards (the world’s first mass eco-loyalty platform acquired and fused into the popular Air Miles program).

Over the years, he has been recognized globally for his achievements in harnessing nudge theory to promote positive behaviour shifts on a mass scale. Today, he is in full “rewirement” mode.

In this season finale episode of #NewcomerRiseUp, Andreas walks us through his childhood in Greece as a young, autistic gay boy, the relevance of his autism diagnosis, complex family relationships, his number one advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, the story behind Carrot Rewards, and an honest reflection on the career “crashes” he experienced before, during and after all his successes.

Newcomer Rise Up is a digital and television interview show created and hosted by Trishala Pillai. Season 1 of the show is produced by Jugaad Community, sponsored by Shopify, and brought to you by New Canadians TV Network. 


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