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#NewcomerRiseUp with Alwar Pillai | Episode 5

Alwar Pillai is an Indian-Canadian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Fable, a leading accessibility platform powered by people with disabilities. As a newcomer to Canada in 2015, she dealt with a series of rejections based on no “Canadian experience” until she finally got her first gig. She waited on tables while working on her Masters in Inclusive Design.

We came across Alwar when she pitched Fable to a room full of technology enthusiasts with “Maa” (mother in Hindi) as the persona at the heart of Fable’s user story. Her long-standing commitment to community, accessibility and inclusiveness is admirable.

In this episode of #NewcomerRiseUp, we explore Alwar’s first impressions of Canada, her long-term love affair with inclusive design, how she feels about being at the helm of one of Canada’s most inclusive and impressive technology companies today, and what lies ahead.

Newcomer Rise Up is a digital and television interview show created and hosted by Trishala Pillai. Season 1 of the show is produced by Jugaad Community, sponsored by Shopify, and brought to you by New Canadians TV Network. 


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