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Your guide to New Canadians’ relaunched website

Your guide to New Canadians’ relaunched website

If you checked out our anniversary article last month, you would’ve noticed that we’re living exciting times at New Canadians. With the support of our sponsor World Education Services (WES), we’ve extended our TV season to a full-year one and also refreshed our TV look. All this, so that we can help newcomers and would-be immigrants make their migration a more meaningful journey.

In the same article, we also promised a redesigned website that would give you a better user experience. We realized that our previous website wasn’t serving our purpose anymore. And we owe a lot of this realization to your feedback, suggestions and ideas over the past four years. We’ve listened to you and we hope you enjoy the new look and features of our website.

Here’s a brief guide to help you play around with and find your way around the relaunched newcanadians.tv .

New sections

The new website reflects our growth, maturity, and confidence; it shows our passion and belief in the audience we serve. We’ve reorganized the content on the site according to your needs and into regular sections: Immigration, Settlement, Employment, Small Business, Education, Success Stories and Discover Canada. On the homepage, you’ll also find links to our TV Show section, where you can watch and rewatch episodes after they have been broadcast on OMNI Television in Canada. We hope these sections will allow you to quickly find the content you’re most interested in.

Welcome to… Series

Our “Welcome to…” special series, which introduces different Canadian cities, found its permanent place on our homepage. Find it on the homepage footer and click to gain an overview of a city you might be interested in, also exploring the employment and business opportunities it presents. In this section, you’ll also meet newcomers who have moved there, hear about their experiences and know of the reasons that attracted them to that specific city.

If you, like many newcomers and would-be immigrants, are wondering which Canadian city to call home, this section is definitely for you.

New Canadians gears up to shoot its Welcome to Thunder Bay special episode.

Stay connected

It’s easier now to stay connected with us: Across the site, you’ll find links to our newsletter and social media channels, both on top and at the bottom of the page. You’ll also be able to share your favourite videos and articles with your friends or relatives through major social platforms and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

We’re always waiting for your feedback and to know what you think about our coverage. If you have a comment or a story idea, or may have come across a broken link on our site, you can sign in to our ‘Disqus’ commenting platform below any video or article, or send us a quick note from the ‘Contact Us‘ (also in the homepage footer) section.

Related content

We’re always looking for related content to give you more than we can. Now, you’ll find it easier to source such stories: below each post and on main category pages. The headlines ticker (just below our name on the homepage) and the slider section (what looks like a collage of pictures on the homepage) are definitely places to keep a constant eye on. That’s where we’ll keep notifying you about new content posted on our site. We also hope you have a better reading experience owing to the use of larger fonts and better spacing between lines and paragraphs!

Events and resources

Another section on the site that we’ve reorganized is the Resources section. Now you can easily find what you need by expanding on the section that you are interested in. The Events section also includes more events of interest to newcomers across Canada, with the latest upcoming three events visible on the homepage.

Your privacy is important

We care about your information. That’s why we’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect, how we use it and keep it secure.

What’s next?

We hope all these changes make the website easier to navigate and your experience a more pleasant one. However, this is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to implement more changes and improvements on the site and our other platforms, both in terms of look, functionality and content. Stay tuned, and do let us know what you think!

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