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New to Morden, Manitoba? Explore its small business opportunities


Morden in Manitoba might be small but boasts a high-density of population – there are 60,000 people within a 60-kilometer radius of the community. The residents and newcomers to the city have access to jobs as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs to create their own small businesses. Unlike a big city, you won’t see too many competing businesses. Watch the video to learn the experiences of residents with a small business in Morden – from an antiques and collectibles store to a cosmetic brand to a bed and breakfast that doubles as an events space. What’s more? The city supports its residents and their entrepreneurial dreams. Take a look for yourself.

Video Transcript:

Jason Dyck:
The city of Morden is a really unique location. We’re only 10 miles from the U.S. border essentially located in Manitoba here. There are lots of opportunities for employment and lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their own employment and create their own businesses here because the commerce and the capital that flows through this region is pretty substantial for a small town, technically a city. There is also a large population in the surrounding rural municipality. And so we have a high density of population here, relatively for a rural area. There are 60,000 people within 60 kilometres radius of the community.

Sachin Jain:
There are plenty of opportunities here because there are many businesses which have not yet started in Morden. You’d find many franchises which are not yet come in Morden and with a growing population because Morden, as you know, it’s like one of the most growing cities in Canada for the new immigrants. I would say, I mean, this is definitely the best place where you can have a good start-up. So because there’s not much of competition here, there’s a healthy competition, so you won’t see too many people going for the same business. When we came in February, I decided to do some investments here because I am always interested in real estate. So I thought of and I see there’s a lot of potential in this city. Properties are pretty much, you know cheaper and affordable to buy here. And based on the price of the property, the return we are getting is more than what we are getting in any big cities in Canada.

Bevan Wiebe:
I have lived in Morden for the past 38 years. We’ve done many types of businesses over the years. Right now we are currently in a historical building in downtown Morden. We’ve just completed renovations as of last September till now. I just opened the doors about six weeks ago. What we are here is the name of the business is called Stephen Street General. We have antiques, and collectibles along with new housewares and giftware that’s constantly changing and evolving. And we’ve also introduced live flowers and plants. We’ve fixed up many old houses over the years and renovated many newer houses as well. And in between we have run businesses as well. Previously I was in another old building that we restored, and I also had a cafe in that building.

Candace Grenier:
Pure Anada is one of the many businesses located in downtown Morden. Pure Anada is a natural brand of cosmetics. We produce everything from skincare to colour, cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs. We sell them in our local boutiques here, as well as to retailers across Canada. The contract manufacturer for other brands. And those products get shipped all over the world.

Lili Krushel:
When we came, we called the business office and they met with us on the same day, showed us around town, and showed us the business opportunity that was for sale. That was on the main street of Morden on Stephen Street. We quickly bought the building and started business here. So we’re here at Bella’s Castle. It is a bed and breakfast and Wedding venue mostly. We also do special events once a month, providing cultural or special experiences. We sometimes go in different times. We just had a medieval feast where people went back to the 1800s and all dressed up.

Jason Dyck:
Now for people who have ideas that they’d like to try out in this community, they’ve just got an entrepreneurial idea and want to see it take root. We’ll be here to help you with our staff and our department making sure that you know the different regulations taxation grants, and funding opportunities that may be available in a new province, in a new community as well as to help you work through business plans and cash flow projections and anything that you may want a second set of eyes on. We have dedicated staff here to help grow your business and grow your idea even before it’s a business.

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