Home Employment The support you need to build a career in Network Cabling in Canada

The support you need to build a career in Network Cabling in Canada

The support you need to build a career in Network Cabling in Canada

Around the world, there’s a growing demand for skilled professionals in the Network Cabling field to install and maintain the networks we all use and depend on. The Canadian market is no different and in fact, offers several job and skill training opportunities for internationally trained immigrants to the country. If you have previous education or work experience in network cabling, telecommunications, electronics, construction, or electrical fields from outside Canada, the Foundations in Network Cabling Bridging Program by The Career Foundation can be an excellent way for you to build a career in this field here.

To be eligible, you must also either be a permanent resident/refugee with a valid open work permit, or a naturalized Canadian citizen and have attained at least Level 5 Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment.

How can the Foundations in Network Cabling Bridging Program support you?

In 12 weeks, the program provides participants with comprehensive knowledge of network cabling to become certified and job ready for the Canadian market. This includes sector-specific training delivered through Herzing College, workplace communication, and job search workshops and assistance.

Here’s what you will gain:

  • Placement into a full-time job opportunity in the field
  • Canadian and Ontario Building Codes, cabling and safety, fiber-optic media, networking, and structured cabling
  • WHMIS Certification
  • Working at Heights Certification
  • Certificate in Network Cabling

‏Participants will be qualified to work in roles such as Network Cabling Specialist Technician, CATV Technician, ‏Telecommunication Line Installer, Telephone Cable Splicer, Fiber Optic Technician, and Logistics/Supply Chain Coordinator.

Program coordinator Kamar Shalaby shares that the Foundations in Network Cabling Bridging Program has a 100% employability rate. “All 19 graduates of the program so far are working. This field has a huge demand and it’s growing more and more every day.”

She adds, “Some graduates were able to secure high-level positions with companies such as Google, TD and Telus. Many immigrants were able to open their own business after gaining the certificates and related experience.”

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Hear it from the graduates

“It was a wonderful journey to work with The Career Foundation for the bridging program. I am very lucky that I got to study and find work in what is my hobby,” says Himatullah Wahid.

Stanley Afekhuai, too, is all praises: “The instructors were great teachers, the stride and patterns of teaching were superb. Today I can boast of being a qualified Cable Technician with the knowledge I acquired from the training in the program.”

There is a massive demand for network cabling in businesses, hospitals, schools, airports, transportation and many other essential services as almost everything we use, from HVAC systems, security, telephone, solar equipment, trains, buildings, television, etc. need network wiring to support them. Network Cabling Specialists are employed by telecommunications carriers, construction firms, network installation companies, data center networks, ‏internet providers, IT firms & electrical companies, and supply chain and logistics companies.

To learn more about the Foundations in Network Cabling Bridging Program and its upcoming cohort, connect with program coordinator Kamar Shalaby at kshalaby@careerfoundation.org.

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