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Morden, Manitoba: Know about its community and settlement services?


The community and settlement services in a city play an important role in making its newcomers feel welcome and supported. In Morden, Regional Connections Immigrant Services has a full range of offerings for its new residents – from a short-term and long-term settlement roadmap to finding a job, applying for a health card, or driver’s license, or enrolling for language classes.

The city and its community are equally welcoming of newcomers, be it through supports such as airport pickups and transition apartments or a celebration of cultures through various activities and the Winterfest festival that’s the highlight of the year. It features food vendors, musical stages, a petting zoo, and lots more for everyone to come together and enjoy.

As Morden welcomes new immigrants with open arms, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program continues to find new residents who would be a good fit for this city. Watch the video to learn more about the services and supports in Morden.

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Video Transcript:

Steve Reynolds:
Regional Connections Immigrant Services is a non-profit organization. We welcome newcomers to Canada, and we have offices in Morden, Winkler, Altona and Dauphin in Manitoba. Regional Connections offers a lot of things to newcomers. We have, we call it a one-stop shop model, so newcomers can come to a Regional Connections office and get a full range of help. We have settlement services as soon as people arrive in the community, they can come and see a settlement worker and we’ll make a settlement plan and help people get their new life in Canada. Started with anything like a driver’s license or health card or finding an apartment to finding a job and long-term goals. After three or five years, like getting permanent residency or Canadian citizenship we’ll help people plan for that and prepare for that as well. And we have English classes from beginner to advanced levels and a childcare program so that parents can be in English class and their kids can be in childcare. We also work with children and youth and our settlement Workers in schools program so that newcomer kids are integrating into schools and succeeding into schools and have some employment programs to help people find jobs. Might be that first job or beginning job. And to also work with professionals and skilled newcomers who are working on their career path to get licensed or certified in Canada and work in their careers. We can support with that as well, but also as professionals, then networking and connecting within the community is really important, and that’ll lead to opportunities as well.

Jason Dyck:
Morden is a very welcoming community. It is a place that celebrates its diversity in a number of different ways. And we have really done our best as a city to the organization to ensure that people feel welcome when they arrive, we have all kinds of supports in place for people when they come from abroad to settle down here, including airport pickups and transition apartments. And a number of wonderful staff that will really help you make you feel welcome when you arrive here. In addition, the community really opens you welcomes you with open arms and there’s lots of places to engage and make friends, and places to meet new people.

Riya Jain:
I really like how this community in Modern is cross-culturing and everyone is getting to participate in different cultures. And I really like how we got to celebrate Diwali and Navratri, which is some of the main festivals in India. And we were able to celebrate that here in Morden where all, everyone was here. Not only Indians, but all the candidates were here as well participating. And when we had Winterfest Festival where we had stalls all around the places from different countries and they get to share their experiences. They get to share some of the most important things from their country and show it to the people here.

Liz Reimer:
But our feature festival, it’s really the highlight of the year, is the Corn and Apple Festival, where the entire main street is closed off. Hundreds of vendors come in. We have a variety of food vendors that come in, and really entertainment for everyone. There are so many different musical stages that are available and petting zoo there’s a whole carnival area. It’s just a really lively fun. It’s a great way to have the community come together.

Shelly Voth:
If you’re overseas or if somebody is overseas and would like to move to Morden, then what you would want to do is go onto the website where you can see what the qualifications for our particular program are. And we have a partnership with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee program, which allows us to offer support to people that we feel would be a good fit for Morden if you’re inside of Canada, If you have your permanent residence status and you’d like to move to Morden, let us know and we can offer our assistance or advice in doing that. If you have other status in Canada, I would suggest contacting us and we could tell you about a few of your options that would maybe help you to be able to get your permanent residence in the future.

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