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Maximize your job search on LinkedIn


The LinkedIn dashboard has a section for jobs. As a new immigrant looking to enter or advance in the Canadian labour market, have you been using it right? Learn how you can maximize your job search on LinkedIn by watching our interview with Career Development Specialist and LinkedIn Trainer Shelly Elsliger.

A complete profile is the first step to shining in front of employers who share job postings on LinkedIn. Your profile is what HRs, recruiters and hiring managers will scan to see if you’re a fit for the role or their company. In conversation with New Canadians reporter Shruti Dargan, Shelly explains the various sections and elements that contribute to it. She also highlights the importance of narrating your story and showcasing your personal brand to employers.

Whether your goal is a job search on LinkedIn or you want to use the platform to grow your network, remember that building lasting connections will create opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

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