The Ultimate Job Search Guide for Introverted Newcomers

Use your strengths to your advantage

Introverts have several qualities that employers seek in a candidate. This book tells you how to ace job search being YOU.

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Gabriela Casineanu

Gabriela Casineanu is a Romanian-Canadian professional coach, award-winning author, university instructor, and founder of the Introverts Academy. Gabriela has successfully overcome several life challenges and career transitions. Her professional path started in electronics engineering, adding an MBA, IT programming, entrepreneurship, coaching, teaching and facilitation, artistic expressions, and writing. She continues to explore life with the curiosity of a child and loves to build a better world by tapping into the introvert power.

About the eBook

Designing your own career path begins with creating an action plan for your job search that considers your unique situation and strength.

This book presents the bigger picture of what contributes to a successful job search of an introverted newcomer to Canada.

You would get ideas on what actions you can take, and what to evaluate and adjust to continue your job search effectively to achieve the desired goals.

What will you learn?

The Steps in the Canadian job search process

Job search is a process with more steps than you probably expect. Once you know the specifics of the Canadian recruitment process, you can adapt your strategies to overcome newcomers’ challenges.

Why job search is different for introverted and extroverted newcomers

As an introvert, relying on your innate strengths would help you be as successful as extroverts in finding a job and advancing your career in Canada.

Creating a job search strategy based on your strengths

You will get to download a list of 30 Introvert Strengths which will help you develop your Skills Inventory that you can then highlight in your job applications.

Tapping into the hidden job market in Canada

You would have greater control in your job search by adjusting the elements along the way instead of feeling at the mercy of the employers.

The Ultimate Job Search Guide for Introverted Newcomers