Home Destination: Canada County of Renfrew Life in the immigrant-friendly communities of Ontario’s Lanark and Renfrew Counties

Life in the immigrant-friendly communities of Ontario’s Lanark and Renfrew Counties

If you are looking for a great balance of employment opportunities, outdoor adventures, and a wonderful place to raise a family, consider moving to Canada’s immigrant-friendly communities of the Lanark and Renfrew Counties in Ontario.

A 90-minute drive north of the national capital of Ottawa, and bordering the French-speaking province of Quebec, the two counties have a diverse population, a plethora of faith-based resources, and plenty of opportunities for bilingual and Francophone immigrants.

Actively welcoming newcomers is the Local Immigration Partnership, a resource set up to guide newcomers into settling into the region, providing resources from the moment you arrive, until you become a Canadian citizen. Do check out their Newcomer’s Welcome Portal for all the help you might need to integrate into these immigrant-friendly communities.

Employment prospects in the Lanark and Renfrew Counties

With both counties adopting a ‘shop local, support local’ approach, the region is a hotbed for people who wish to start their businesses: more than 95 percent of businesses in Lanark and Renfrew Counties are small businesses, said Jodi Bucholtz, Manager, Local Immigration Partnership. “Small and medium enterprise makes up a very big part of our workforce, so there are lots of entrepreneurs in the area.”

With agriculture being another mainstay of the region, many neighbourhoods have farmers’ markets, providing you access to some of the freshest produce available.

The Lanark and Renfrew counties also have many employment opportunities in utilities, scientific and technical services, public administration, education, energy and mining, management services, construction, wholesale trade, and manufacturing.

Renfrew County is also home to one of Canada’s pioneering nuclear technology facilities: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, which employs many skilled workers and specialists from local areas.

Education and learning opportunities

The region is also home to excellent secondary and elementary education for your family, providing many learning opportunities for children and adults alike. With the region featuring a strong bilingual presence, you and your family can learn in both English and French.

The Lanark and Renfrew Counties also have a well-developed healthcare network of hospitals, pharmacies, and community health centres. “As a newcomer who is going to be settling in a new place, it is really important to take care of your mental health, as well as your physical health,” said Bucholtz. “Everyone can need support throughout their life, especially when undergoing these massive life changes.”

Recreation and outdoor activities

You would witness diverse landscapes, from wilderness to more developed regions, and many amazing outdoor locations for you and your family to enjoy. There are also plenty of fun activities to keep you occupied, from kayaking, windsurfing and paddleboarding outdoors, to more cultural avenues such as art and music.

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