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Invites to Parents and Grandparents Program continue to soar

Invites to Parents and Grandparents Program continue to soar

The Parents and Grandparents (PGP) Program has seen many recent improvements and is still persistently climbing – in 2019 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will accept 20 000 sponsorship applications. That’s 4 times the number of invites compared to when the program launched in 2014, when only 5 000 applications were accepted.

Things are moving fast for the PGP Program, with a boost in accepted applications already seen in 2018 when second round of invites were granted in July. In total, 17 000 applications will be accepted in 2018 for PGP sponsorship, a leap from the 10 000 accepted in 2016.


High demand and a keen interest in sponsoring family members is the reason behind these rapid improvements.

“Now, by accepting even more applications this year and next as well as enhancing the intake system, the Government of Canada is demonstrating its commitment to helping families live, work and thrive together, in Canada.” – Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Changes are also coming to the application intake process, streamlining issues and easing client experiences. It’s important for IRCC to receive as many applications as possible in the time that the window remains open at the start of the year.


Previously, there was a considerable number of pending applications waiting in the backlog. At it’s peak in 2011, there were 167 000 applications on hold. Now, the backlog has been cleared out, with only a small 26 000 remaining in June 2018.

Those interested in applying to sponsor a parent or grandparent in 2019 will need to submit an Interest to Sponsor form, found online. Further details will be announced by IRCC in the fall of this year. Invites for 2019 will be granted in the order that applications are received until the 20 000 limit is reached.

Invite numbers are expected to continue rising, going up to 21 000 in the year 2020.


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