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Immigration appeal: Learn about the eligibility and process

Canada receives hundreds of thousands of immigration applications every year from people seeking to study, work or permanently live here. However, not all applications are met with a favourable outcome. If you, too, received a negative immigration decision, you might be able to challenge it with an immigration appeal.

Want to learn if you are eligible for an immigration appeal and what’s the process to follow? Watch this conversation between New Canadians reporter Sarabpreet Kaur and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Petya Ignatova.

Whether you are struggling with a spousal sponsorship, permanent residence obligations, or a failed refugee claim, Petya advises you to be mindful of the deadlines.

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“There are different deadlines for different applications. The first and most important step for an immigration appeal is to know how much time you have to start it,” says Petya, who is also the owner of Advikus Immigration Consulting Inc. Find out more in the interview.

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