Home Small Business Immigrant Business Expo expands to Western Canada with an in-person edition in Calgary

Immigrant Business Expo expands to Western Canada with an in-person edition in Calgary

Immigrant Business Expo expands to Western Canada with an in-person edition in Calgary

After in-person editions in Ontario (Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo) since 2016, and then adding a national virtual edition to its calendar in 2021, the multi-pronged Immigrant Business Expo is expanding to Western Canada with an in-person edition in Calgary, Alberta, on October 28, 2023. The Immigrant Business Expo is an annual event where immigrants and refugees who are interested in entrepreneurship can access information and advice that will enable them to start, grow, and manage their small businesses in Canada.

Organized by New Horizons Media Inc., Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) and Calgary Public Library, the Immigrant Business Expo – Calgary will be a one-day exhibition including workshops, a panel discussion, an exhibitor area, and small business clinics assisting new immigrant/refugee business owners.

“Moving to Canada from another part of the world and restarting your life as an immigrant can be demanding. Add to that the complexities of starting a business, and one can feel overwhelmed. As an immigrant business owner myself, I understand the challenges and the value that connections bring to one’s journey. That’s what led me to organize the first-ever Immigrant Business Expo in Toronto in October 2016 … to create an environment of learning, knowledge sharing, and networking,” says Gerard Keledjian, Founder and Managing Director of New Horizons Media Inc.

“Year after year since then, along with the support of numerous immigrant-serving organizations as sponsors, exhibitors, presenters, and business advisors, we’ve been helping aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs in Canada move closer to their dreams. For the inaugural Calgary Immigrant Business Expo this year, I’m thrilled and grateful to have the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and Calgary Public Library as co-organizers, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as a Gold Sponsor, and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) as a Bronze Sponsor,” adds Gerard.

Paula Calderon, CEO of the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, echoes the sentiment and says that the partnership between New Horizons Media Inc., CIWA, and Calgary Public Library is well-suited for several reasons. “CIWA brings its deep expertise and commitment to supporting immigrant and refugee women, making it an ideal organization to co-organize an event focused on this demographic. Calgary Public Library’s involvement adds credibility and access to a wide audience. New Horizons Media Inc. brings the experience of running and growing this event over the last seven years in Ontario as well as event management and marketing expertise to ensure the Expo’s success. This synergy ensures that the Expo benefits from the combined strengths of these organizations, making it a comprehensive and impactful resource for newcomers in the city.”

As the venue for the event, the Calgary Public Library is furthering its mission of empowering the community by connecting them to ideas and experiences, inspiration and insight. “We create places for people to become neighbours, and we work every day to address barriers so everyone can realize their potential,” shares CEO Sarah Meilleur in a statement on the Library website.

Gerard adds: “We’re looking forward to seeing hundreds of business-minded immigrants and refugees walk into the beautiful Calgary Public Library on October 28 to mingle, form long-lasting connections, and access the resources that will boost their business ideas and ambitions. There’s nothing like the magic of in-person interactions and we’re excited that after an unavoidable interval during the pandemic, the Immigrant Business Expo is back to welcome large crowds under one roof.”

New Canadians TV Network, a division of New Horizons Media Inc., is an obvious media partner for this event, amplifying outreach through its national immigrant-focused TV show in Canada and digital platforms.

The city of Calgary enjoys a vibrant business scene with lucrative opportunities for business-minded individuals but newcomers, especially immigrants and refugees, often face unique challenges when starting or growing their businesses in a new country. The Immigrant Business Expo – Calgary will play a crucial role in strengthening support for the community by providing a tailored platform to address the specific needs and questions that newcomers may have.

“This event can fill a gap by connecting them with government-funded services, community resources, and mentors who can guide them through the intricacies of entrepreneurship in Canada. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, build networks, and access tools to overcome barriers, ultimately leading to more successful immigrant-owned businesses in Calgary,” says Paula. “As an immigrant myself,  I have dedicated my career to finding meaningful opportunities to support newcomers to achieve their Canadian dream. CIWA is committed to assisting immigrant and refugee women, and many of them aspire to become business owners or entrepreneurs. This event would help them navigate the Canadian business landscape successfully,” she adds.

What to expect at the Immigrant Business Expo – Calgary on October 28, 2023

  • Keynote Speech: James Allan, Vice President – Advancement, University of Calgary
  • Small Business Clinic with business advisors and experts
  • Workshops on:
  1. Immigrating to Canada with an entrepreneurial mindset: Turning that mindset into action and execution
  2. Steps to starting a business in Canada
  3. Entrepreneurship and Networking: How to build relationships to boost your entrepreneurial journey
  4. The value of a business coach
  5. Business law fundamentals every entrepreneur should know
  6. Loan and funding mechanism
  • Panel Discussion: Key success factors for new immigrant businesses

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