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IEW 2015 showcases immigrant skills

The 3rd Annual Immigrant Employment Week organized by the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP), from May 25-29 2015, focused on creating opportunities for employers and employees to start a dialogue on how to harness the skills and experience immigrants possess to help expand their businesses. 

“This is the time for immigrants, employers, social agencies, regulators and policy makers to come together to explore the economic and social advantages that exist in ensuring that immigrants are given equal access to meaningful jobs,” said Shelly D’Mello, Executive Director, Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto.

Activities in the course of the week, held across the city,  included workshops, brown bag lunches, celebrations and professional development sessions led by industry experts, experienced facilitators and successful immigrant professionals.  

The opening celebration featured an expert led panel discussion on Professional Accreditation, followed by an interactive networking and information exchange. The closing Celebration featured an Immigrant Arts Exhibition which showcased artistic talent through performance, crafts and beautiful visual art created by immigrants. 

The Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP) is an initiative aimed at supporting the development of local partnerships and community-based planning around the needs of newcomers in Scarborough.


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