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The Immigrant Business Network is a community for immigrant entrepreneurs at all levels of experience and expertise – whether they are at the exploratory stage of starting their first venture in Canada or are already well-established and looking to expand further. 

This platform offers small business enthusiasts the opportunity to learn from experts and like-minded peers – from business meetups to webinars and online discussions, we have everything to make your business dream a reality.

All the information you need to start, grow, and manage your own small business in Canada.

Organized by New Horizons Media Inc., in collaboration with leading immigrant-serving organizations in Canada, the Virtual Immigrant Business Expo 2023 (IBE) is a one-day exhibition that will include workshops, panel discussions, a marketplace and small business clinics. 

IBE 2023 aims to assist newcomers, immigrant and refugee business owners in navigating the sometimes complex requirements of operating a small business in Canada. The expo will connect them with government-funded and other community services and support that help newcomers start or grow their own small businesses.

Date: March 25, 2023

Join virtually from any part of the world 

IBE 2023 will feature:

  • Keynote speech 
  • Panel discussion by leading immigrant entrepreneurs
  • Marketplace for immigrant-serving organizations and business service providers that support immigrants with starting a business in Canada
  • Marketplace for immigrant entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and services
  • Workshops on business topics and resources
  • Small business clinics with business experts and coaches

For sponsorship, exhibition and collaboration opportunities email at immbiz@newhorizons.media or call 416.818.2040

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