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The Immigrant Business Café is a community of immigrant entrepreneurs at all levels of experience and expertise – whether they are at the exploratory stage of starting their first venture in Canada or are already well-established and looking to expand further.

The Immigrant Business Café is for:

Newcomers to Canada looking for business connections, know-how and inspiration to venture out on their own. .

Established immigrant or Canadian-born business owners willing to connect, support and collaborate with newcomer entrepreneurs.

The Immigrant Business Café provides:

  • Business knowledge and information on relevant rules and regulations
  • Networking opportunities and support to build strong relationships
  • Helpful resources
  • Specific advice and answers to your questions from established business leaders

The Immigrant Business Café meet-ups are held every 2nd Thursday of each month in Toronto.

  • In addition to business topics, special time and space is set aside to deal with social and settlement topics relevant to newcomer entrepreneurs.
  • Remember to bring your business cards but more importantly come with positive energy, enthusiasm and openness to venture out and succeed!

The Immigrant Business Café is a New Horizons Media initiative.

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