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How to leave a good first impression in Canada


The new immigrant journey in Canada makes you meet and greet several new people in your personal as well as professional space. Want to leave a pleasant and memorable first impression on them? We’ve got advice from a communication coach that will come in handy for all newcomers. Watch this video for some communication tips to ensure you leave a good first impression in Canada.

Do you habitually address people as Mr. or Miss or Sir or Ma’am? Is that even the norm in North America? Or is it, in fact, a dealbreaker?  “It depends on the industry or profession you’re in,” says Gloria Pierre, president, Clearly Speaking – a company that provides speech and language services to students, newcomers, and internationally trained professionals, among others.

In this interview, Gloria dives into the details of communicating right. She elaborates on the relevance of space and gestures as you put your best foot forward as well as the need to understand different cultures and pick up on cues. We hope you gain valuable insights from this video and leave a good first impression in Canada in every personal and professional interaction.

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