Fawad’s story – from refugee to Canadian citizen

Studying hard paid off on Fawad’s journey from refugee to Canadian citizen. He fled from Afghanistan to Pakistan with his family when he was a boy and in spite of the hardships there he pursued his education and learned English. This enabled him to apply and enter a Canadian university program, so he moved to Canada. Nowadays, he is employed in the public sector and does a lot of community work. Enthusiastic about giving back, he encourages other refugees by sharing his story and saying “Look, I made it through, you can too!”


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  • Seemal Saif

    Such a great story of a refugee who flees Afghanistan finds his way first through #Pakistan and then to #Canada. This is why there should be more coordinated global response to refugee crisis. The role of countries like Pakistan, Turkey Lebanon with over 1 million refugees cannot be ignored in resettlement.