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Express Entry score continues to drop

Express Entry score continues to drop

Two Express Entry draws have happened so far in April 2017. The score on April 5th was 431, and 3,753 invitations to apply were sent to the highest scoring applicants in the pool. A week later, the score dropped substantially to 423, with 3,923 invitations to apply issued.

Further information released for Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project

Long awaited details about the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project have been released. The Pilot Project will have two stages: the Designation Stage and the Endorsement Stage.

In order to be designated, an employer should submit Employer Designation Application forms to the province where the business is located. They must also guarantee full-time employment for the candidates they wish to hire and agree to help these new hires become established in Canada. An employer can start hiring foreign applicants once the business has been designated by the province.

Once the designated employer identifies a suitable worker, they must apply to have the employee endorsed. To be endorsed, the employer must provide the chosen employee with a formal job offer, connect them with a designated immigrant settlement service provider organization to create a settlement plan, and commit to help them settle into Atlantic Canada with their family.

The Atlantic provinces are not releasing a list of designated employers. The only way to find one is to apply to all Atlantic employers and hope a designated one makes an offer of employment.

Kerry Molitor

Kerry MolitorKerry Molitor is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. Through her company, Kelen Immigration Services, Kerry helps people come to Canada and stay here once they have arrived.


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