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How to Start Networking in Canada


It’s essential to network in Canada to advance your career, but if you are new to Canada, starting can feel impossible. Who do I connect with? What do I say? What if I make a bad impression? In this free workshop, you will: Discover the “why” behind networking in Canada Craft your message to start […]


Syrian refugee resettlement: Looking back to pave the way forward


Time and again, Canada has opened its doors to welcome refugees from around the world. In 2015 particularly, our country welcomed refugees fleeing the humanitarian crisis in Syria, resettling close to 40,000 refugees within the space of a year. How have these refugees fared in their new country and lives, and what can be learned […]

Fixing the broken rung: Racialized newcomer women in Canada

Canada can only reach its full potential if everyone in it reaches theirs. This country of opportunity, however, poses unique and significant barriers for racialized newcomer women which has only increased since the onset of the pandemic. Join us for this session of our Talking Point series – our four panellists will discuss recent research […]