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Entrepreneurial mindset – A key for selling your skills


As a newcomer to Canada, you must have already heard several times about how important it is to network with people from within your industry. You should approach them with an entrepreneurial mindset and let them know about the services and skills that you can offer. In doing so, sometimes you’ll make progress and sometimes, face rejection.

Personal skills coach and trainer Roxana Radulescu, in conversation with New Canadians reporter Vasudha Sharma, talks about how an entrepreneurial mindset and focused networking techniques can help you sell your skills and build relationships more effectively.

Roxana also talks about the importance of informational interviews, a factor that is being neglected by most newcomers. Whether you opt for an informational interview, cold calls or emails, you will be heading one step forward towards growing your network, selling your skills, and maybe unveiling a hidden opportunity that is not marketed online on the employment websites.

In addition to that, if you put yourself out there, people will know your services and what you can bring to them, but at the same time, others might not show interest. You have to accept the fact that you might be turned down because not everyone will be intrigued by what you can offer. Roxana’s advice is to keep networking and meeting people while maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset.

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