Home Destination: Canada Morden Want to know about employment opportunities in Morden, Manitoba?

Want to know about employment opportunities in Morden, Manitoba?


Finding gainful employment is one of the primary goals of a new immigrant to Canada. Newcomers moving to Morden in Manitoba can rejoice because the city has lucrative employment opportunities and growing businesses with vacancies waiting to be filled.

The top industries range from manufacturing to healthcare, with a demand for physicians, nurses, administrative staff, and more. Some professions are required to obtain licensing depending on the parameters set out by their governing association.

There’s also a need for workers with skilled trades experience and those who can fill tech positions. Let’s learn more by speaking with some residents and people in the workforce.

Video Transcript

Jason Dyck:
Yeah, so the biggest draw for most people that come here is employment. The region is rich with employment opportunities, and there are lots of growing businesses here that have postings that they cannot fill because there are just not enough people out there to take those jobs right now. So we’re really encouraging folks to consider this community as a place where they would be able to find gainful employment, in one of the many industries. Arranging from manufacturing to the medical field. There’s employment in anything.

Nicole Walske:
Menzies Medical Center is a primary care facility. So we provide services by family doctors, nurse practitioners. We also host a walk-in clinic on a daily basis. We offer opportunities, obviously for physicians. We employ nurses. We employ administrative staff, be it at our reception desk, our phone room, billing team, health records team, or accounting services. So we do have a wider range of administrative staff that we employ here as well. So employment in the city would include opportunities at the personal care home. So Tabor Home is located here in Morden Boundary Trails Health Center is our regional hospital. So it’s a shared facility between Morden and Winkler. And so as we have new immigration, new families that are expanding, our health system in general is in need of employment. People who are immigrating to Canada, depending on their profession, would have opportunities in Morden depending on the licensing body. So nurses would have to follow the parameters that are set out by their association and their governing body as well as physicians. The training opportunity for nurses in this area is provided by Red River College or Assiniboine Community College, and they’re hosted in multiple regional areas.

Mark Tamayo:
If people want to pursue nursing and fail, they can always apply for a healthcare job or home care. And also, you can do business on the side too.

Zoraia Constantino:
Drive Products is a company that originated in Ontario, and we are from the manufacturing division. We are building truck bodies. So it is actually a strategic move to move here in Morden, because of the immigration program. For our expansion, we are actually expecting 60 workers, comprising welders, administrative staff, and general labourers. We have written 10 work permits already for welders. The immigrants that we hired outside of Canada are supporting them through giving them theoretical training and also some of the actual training that will somehow help them to practice their skills in welding. And then all throughout, let’s say three months of time while they’re in a training program, they will be ready for, you know, the operations.

Shalia Parveen:
I have HR experience. I have worked [for] 20 years with people back in Bangladesh. Your original connection also gave me the proper training that is helpful for me to adjust very easily to the new culture as well and I am able to contribute to this community and help newcomers as well.

Jason Dyck:
The IT sector is something that has grown substantially in the last five years and shows no intention of slowing down. And so, we are definitely interested in having more folks with an IT background in IT ideas, in the tech sector. Join us out here. A new marketing and tech support company just opened up recently. And they’re saying that they’re seeing a high demand for their product, probably more than they can fill. So that’s not a saturated sector yet. And we’d love to see some more IT stuff.

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