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Coming to Canada? Chidi Iwuchukwu’s book is packed with advice for you


Like many others, Chidi Iwuchukwu has first-hand experience of immigrating to and settling in Canada. He learnt several things along the way but isn’t one to keep the wisdom to himself. Chidi is committed to helping newcomers by sharing his experiences and top tips in his book, Coming to Canada: The Ultimate Success Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers.

In this interview, we chat with the Edmonton resident about it. Chidi arrived from Nigeria in 2017 with his wife and three boys. He shares: “The decision to move to Canada has been the most disruptive of the risk that I have taken in my life because there are so many things that we need to do and start afresh…  so many transitions, too.”

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He wanted to prepare those coming to Canada now for the challenges newcomers typically face and how one can tackle them and plan a smooth transition. Chidi says his guidebook “is like having a friend by your side as you navigate everything you need to know about settling into Canadian life”, including acquiring necessary legal documents, living arrangements and homeownership, transportation, healthcare, work culture, school systems, government structure, and interpersonal relationships. Watch the interview for more.

Video transcript:

Shruti Dargan:
On New Canadians today we are joined by Author Chidi Iwuchukwu, who will be talking about his book coming to Canada, as well as his immigrant experience to share tips with you. Welcome Chidi.

Chidi Iwuchukwu:
Thank you for having me.

Shruti Dargan:
So let’s begin with your immigrant experience. What was it like for you to move to Canada?

Chidi Iwuchukwu:
I left Nigeria where I originally came from in 2017 with my wife and three boys. We came to Canada, the beautiful city of Edmonton, and that’s where we have been. The decision to move to Canada has been the most destructive of the risk that I have taken in my lifetime because there are so many things that we need to do and to start afresh and so many transitions to make, to ensure that the Canadian journey is the success that it’s becoming.

Shruti Dargan:
So what inspired you to write a book based on your experiences to help others who are immigrating to Canada?

Chidi Iwuchukwu:
Our experience we found out was not just unique to us. That’s what most people who come to Canada go through. They also require that supporter, handholding, that resource that we didn’t find. There is a gap in the market. There is a gap in the society. There is a gap in the process, and that gap is that people don’t know, how the resource that we speak to them to help them know what they’re going to face, how they’re going to face it, and how they’re gonna solve the problems that are involved in settlement as quickly as possible.

Shruti Dargan:
So the title of the book says it’s the Ultimate Success Guide for New Immigrants and Travelers. Could you tell us a little bit more about what one stands to gain from it?

Chidi Iwuchukwu:
The book takes you from the point where you make the decision to come to Canada. So you start with the mindset that you need to succeed as a new Canadian and takes you through the documentations that you are required to settle in as fast as possible. It talks to you about the domains of success in Canada, so the critical things that sometimes people overlook, what are very important for you to succeed, especially on the long term in Canada. And then all the other things that are very important milestones in the Canadian immigration journey, including driving, finding accommodation, finding school, how to manage, intimate relationship, parenting in North America because again, all of us are coming from different cultural backgrounds, up to the point where you are buying your home, finding that’s critical job that you need and keeping the job.

So not just about the job search, but also about Canadian work culture to enable you keep your job. And then when you have worked on all of these events speaks to you finally about getting involved in the community. Having this book is the utmost sources guide because having it is like a friend, working with a friend at each step of the way. When you get confused or when you don’t know what to do, you can refer to it. And it teaches you takes from the heart of a teacher, shows you what the challenges you’re going to face or you are facing and how to resolve those challenges. So that’s why it’s the ultimate guide.

Shruti Dargan:
And how about now from your personal experience and through the experience of writing this book, if you could share a few learnings with the audience. What are some of the things that one should do right after they move to Canada?

Chidi Iwuchukwu:
There are three things that I would like to off the bat talk to you about. The first one is the mindset that comes to in Canada. So you need to have a very resilient and open mindset. Resilience means that you, do whatever it takes for you to succeed in this country as long as not unlawful. It’s not unethical, it’s not a moral. So you got to do what you got to do to pay abuse. So that sense that yes, I’m starting afresh, but I’m going to make a sense of I’m going to make a status of this experience is what you require, number one. Number two will be that you cannot succeed alone as a person. Your success in Canada, it’s dependent on a broad level of corporation, and so community building, community involvement is absolutely important. And there are work to be done that the government cannot do, but you need to get involved off the bat.

And the wonderful thing about volunteering in the Canadian community is the more you volunteer, the more you get as well. You’re making new friends, you’re building up your network. So that’s absolutely important. Number three, is to have a long-term view about the Canadian experience. Some people come in and off the bat they get the wonderful whatever job that they’re looking for. Some other people don’t. But it’s for us to understand that the small obstacles or the impediments you have on the way, on the long term, if you keep your eyes on the ball, you will succeed and you will look back and be happy that you took this decision.

Shruti Dargan:
Well, thank you for talking to us about your experience as well as the book. Thank you so much.

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