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During one’s job search process, every newcomer is faced with a number of questions and challenges. We understand where this comes from and there are ways to get around such hurdles. From mastering the art of networking to preparing for interviews, this section makes for a handy resource to help you find the job you want to secure.

Long term care homes in Ontario call for internationally trained health professionals

Shruti Dargan
Amid the COVID-19-induced healthcare crisis, an online platform has created a win-win situation – internationally trained professionals get valuable work experience, and long term care homes in Ontario fill their staff shortage. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a healthcare crisis across the globe. At a time like this, when people are facing considerable psychological distress […]

Landing the job of your dreams in 2016

What are presentation skills and how do you build them?

New Canadians
In conversation with New Canadians reporter Vasudha Sharma, Personal skills coach and trainer Roxana Radulescu shares how you can add personal skills to your presentation skills in order to promote yourself, make connections and leave a lasting impact. Also, Roxana talks about soft skills as personal skills and how these are essential in our everyday […]

Entrepreneurial mindset – A key for selling your skills

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