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Expert take: How Canada’s refugee determination system works


Canada has often stepped up for people who are in distress in other countries. Be it helping the Syrian and Afghan refugees earlier or the country’s response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In this interview with New Canadians’ reporter Sarabpreet Kaur, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Petya Ignatova gives an insight into Canada’s refugee determination system. 

Petya begins by highlighting how a refugee is different from an immigrant. “The main difference between the two is that immigrants want to come to Canada. It’s often their plan or dream whereas refugees just want to escape a difficult situation (in their country) and are looking for a safe place. This makes them really vulnerable,” she says. 

The owner of Advikus Immigration Consulting Inc, Petya also goes on to share details of the two main types of refugees and how the process of visa application or refugee status for them varies in each case. Curious to know if an asylum claimant in Canada gets help with basic necessities of life here? And if you can sponsor a refugee as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident? Watch this interview for the answers to your questions about Canada’s refugee determination system.

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