Home Employment New to Canada? The BMO Newcomer Talent Program could be for you!

New to Canada? The BMO Newcomer Talent Program could be for you!

New to Canada? The BMO Newcomer Talent Program could be for you!

BMO Financial Group has launched a new recruitment program for newcomer job seekers in Canada and the United States. Titled the BMO Newcomer Talent Program, it will provide support and create employment opportunities for displaced persons, immigrants, and refugees to find financial stability.

How does the BMO Newcomer Talent Program help?

The program includes a personalized recruitment page that makes it easy for job seekers to introduce themselves to BMO and explore job opportunities. Click here to access the recruitment page in French.

To help match prospective candidates with open roles, the company has partnered with two specialized employment organizations, ACCES Employment (prominent in Canada) and Upwardly Global (in the US).

“The United States has set a goal of resettling 125,000 refugees this year, with Canada aiming for 76,000. These numbers represent only a fraction of the total number of all newcomers to North America in 2022.,” says Karen Collins, Chief Talent Officer, BMO Financial Group. “Businesses need to step up and make a positive impact, and by helping newcomers access jobs, BMO is helping to lead the way.”

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Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Sean Fraser applauds BMO on this initiative. He says, it “will undoubtedly help newcomers achieve success as they settle into their new communities” across the country. “Providing meaningful employment to newcomers is crucial in supporting these individuals while helping to grow our economy and address our labour shortages,” adds the minister.

Other notable initiatives and contributions by BMO

Besides making donations to the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, BMO has expanded and enhanced the NewStart banking program, which provides qualified newcomers to Canada with no-fee banking, and more.

In 2021, the financial services provider joined the Tent Partnership for Refugees. As part of this membership, BMO and the BMO Pride Enterprise Resource Group have committed to mentoring LGBTQ2+ newcomers to Canada and the US.

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