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It is more blessed to give than to receive

It is more blessed to give than to receive


M-Bridge Culture Integration Society for Professionals is a proud PINs association run by internationally educated professionals (IEPs). M-Bridge’s Executive Director, Sophie Duan talks about her experience with the PINs program.

M-Bridge was formed in 2008 to help professional immigrants to integrate into Canadian workplace and society through educational services.

As a volunteer-run association, we were constantly looking for resources, connections, training and support for our leaders. Through networking, we joined the PINs program in 2011 to start the journey of expanding M-Bridge.

The PINs program has helped our association and members connect with larger networks. Through PINs, we have collaborated with other PINs associations such as joint events and projects with the Communications, Advertising and Media Professionals (CAMP) network, the New Canadians Media Professionals Network (NCMP) and the Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe (APT).

We have recently initiated a project called Immigrant Talk, a web-based storytelling platform about the journeys, lives and dreams of immigrants to Canada in written or video format. Through this platform, self-expressed immigrants are heard, empowered and supported in achieving their goals in Canada.

It is a blessing to be a PINs leader. I feel part of a community that is connected, supported and acknowledged as a volunteer leading an association to help others. The training and connections really strengthen and encourage me to continue on the journey of serving others.

I would advise other PINs leaders and members to participate in as many meetings and events PINs offers as possible, as they are too valuable to miss, and make personal connections with other leaders. Collaboration is the key to expand the capacity of our associations and ourselves.


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