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An immigrant success story: Dr. Sivakumar Gulasingam

Dr. Sivakumar Gulasingam’s first impression of Canada was its great summer weather and its diversity.

“In the malls, subway, wherever I looked there were people from different ethnic backgrounds and different colors. That gave me the confidence that I too can succeed in Canada,” he says. An internationally trained physician with an immigrant success story to narrate, he came to Canada through the fast track immigration process when Canada was opening its doors to internationally educated doctors. Escaping the harsh political climate in Sri Lanka, he arrived in the “land of equality, freedom and better opportunities for me and for my children.”

After completing his residency at the University of Toronto, Dr Gulasingam has made great strides in his work in rehab. “Rehab is still in infancy stages in Sri Lanka and initially it was a bit of challenge to adjust to the work here because it is so advanced here.”

As a doctor Dr. Gulasingam emphasises the importance of trust between the doctor and the patient. Then come communication and social skills which help one to succeed.

His advice to newcomers? You will not get a second chance to make the first impression. Whatever you are doing the first time, do it right. And create the best first impression.”

* This story was produced by Rogers TV.


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