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Accelerate your career in Canada with the FAST Program

If you are a newcomer with international experience in accounting and finance; biotech and life sciences; culinary arts; IT and data services; skilled trades; or seniors care, then you might want to check out the FAST program for immigrants.

Canada is facing shortages in labour and talent and is looking for newcomers who understand the skills needed to practice their trade, and display language proficiency and an understanding of workplace culture and norms. The FAST Program for immigrants helps bridge the gaps and understanding needed, so you can find work on arrival. 

FAST’s pan-Canadian outreach helps you with free, online career preparation across the six professions mentioned above. If none of the streams are aligned with your interests, the Prepare for Work in Canada module will give you the context needed to meet the expectation levels of employers. 

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The FAST program for immigrants also offers free designation if you specialize in biotech and life sciences. It also has job search and support capacity through a fruitful interview tool. The Prepare for Work in Canada tool, meanwhile, provides you with a very important context to understand learning about the Canadian workplace culture, how to manage culture shock and how to bridge the skills gaps you have so that you know where you need to upskill. If you’re planning to move to British Columbia, the FAST Program for immigrants also offers access to the BC Job Connect platform to connect with employers

FAST is 100 percent online, self-directed, and self-paced, but it is time-limited for certain modules. It’s personalized to your needs and provides you with a certificate of completion to acknowledge your work and knowledge, as well as support to help you on every step of your journey. 

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