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About Us

New Canadians is a rich and informative TV and web-based series portraying stories of recent immigrants making Canada their home.

The magazine-style presentations showcase settlement, education, employment and small business resources available to newcomers to help them maximize their chances of success and ease their integration into Canadian society and workforce.

New Canadians profiles successful immigrants who have overcome many challenges and established themselves in Canada. Their stories are retold to inspire newcomers to pursue their dreams and realize their potential. These stories will also help prospective immigrants to better plan their future in Canada.

The show also covers immigrant-related news and special events.


The Logo

The New Canadians logo features an online play button and a crane, as the bird is associated in many cultures with immigration and good fortune. The red colour represents Canada.

The Team

New Canadians is produced by New Horizons Media Inc., a Canadian multicultural video production and event services agency, in association with the New Canadian Media Professionals’ Network (NCMP) – a professional immigrant network for internationally-trained journalists and media professionals.

Amal El Nakeeb, Reporter and Marketing Coordinator – Calgary

David Gomes, Social Media Specialist

George Niculescu, Camera Operator 

Gerard Keledjian, Executive Producer and TV Host

Lucy Slavianska, Story Producer

Nasim AliVideo Editor

Rachel Lee, TV Host and Reporter

Shruti Dargan, Reporter, Writer

Vasudha Sharma, Reporter