Home Employment A newcomer’s guide to using LinkedIn to navigate the Canadian job market

A newcomer’s guide to using LinkedIn to navigate the Canadian job market

A newcomer’s guide to using LinkedIn to navigate the Canadian job market

New to Canada and excited about the career opportunities that this country holds for you? One of the big tools that can support you in your job search journey is LinkedIn. It goes without saying that you need to complete your profile by filling out all the sections. Implement the following strategies to get noticed by employers and make an impact.

Craft a compelling About Section

LinkedIn is a dynamic tool to showcase your professional journey and connect with the right people. And, the About section on your LinkedIn profile is where your story comes to life. So, draft a compelling call-to-action that guides organizations on the next steps. Be specific about what you’re looking for, express your enthusiasm for collaboration, and encourage employers to reach out. Here’s how you can make the About section count.

Leverage hashtags on LinkedIn

Similar to other media platforms, hashtags have a place on LinkedIn too. Relevant hashtags in your posts make your content discoverable. Create a unique hashtag for your industry or profession, and follow others to stay updated. Being part of these conversations can make you visible to potential employers and industry peers.

Go beyond the basics with job descriptions

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is not your digital resume. When listing your roles and responsibilities, showcase how you tackled challenges and developed in each role. Highlight achievements, quantify successes, and let potential employers see the impact you’ve made. Numbers talk, so let them speak for you.

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Explore LinkedIn Learning for micro-certifications

An online learning platform, LinkedIn Learning offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. Dive into courses that align with your career goals, earning micro-certifications along the way. These certifications not only enhance your skills but also serve as badges of credibility on your profile. They show potential employers that you’re committed to continuous learning and growth.

Create content to make your voice heard

From insights on topics you’re knowledgeable about, to original articles, or even personal experiences related to your industry, there’s so much you can share. Establishing yourself as a content creator or thought leader can catch the eye of recruiters and demonstrate your passion and expertise. Consistency is key here so post regularly, at least twice a week. Keep a few posts ready before you start posting; this way you won’t skip a week or feel overwhelmed when life gets busy. Good luck!

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