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Northumberland Diversity Festival 2021 – Episode 1

Artists performing in this episode:

Smoke Trails Group – Original Indigenous Grass Dance song
Patricio Chiza – El Condor Pasa / The Condor Passes
Fabian Arciniegas – Soy Pan, Soy Paz, Soy Mas / I am Bread, I am Peace, I am More
Thelma Dillon – Paseo de IloIlo
Gustaü – Vuelo / Flight
Lindsay Rose Highland Dance Company – Sword Dance
Steven Alexander Penagos – Kleiner Walzer

Host: David Newland, Writer, Musician and Broadcaster

Learn more about Northumberland Diversity Festival 2021 at https://www.northumberlandhispanic.ca/northumberland-diversity-2021.html


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