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10 fun fall activities in Canada to experience the magic of the season

10 fun fall activities in Canada to experience the magic of the season

Fall in Canada is here! There’s a nip in the air, the sun is setting a little bit earlier every day, and the leaves are changing colours. Fall activities in Canada usually run from mid-September to December and have their own uniquely amazing cultures that you need to immerse yourself into as part of your newcomer experiences. Without further ado, here are 10 fun-filled activities for you to experience the magic of fall in Canada.

Fall activities in Canada - Experience vibrant fall colours in Hamilton, ON
Webster Falls – an amazing attraction in Hamilton, ON.

Experience vibrant fall colours in Hamilton, ON

Fall is when the leaves change colour, from verdant green to golden yellow, fiery orange, and bright red, leading to some absolutely stunning vistas created by the wonders of nature. 

One of the best places for you to see the fall colours is Dundas Peak in Hamilton, located south of Toronto. Hike from the base of the mountain to the observation platform at the top of the mountain to feast on the gorgeous sights in front of you, with the rushing waters of Tew Falls in the backdrop. 

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Another spectacular option is Webster Falls, located at Greensville Optimist Park, which takes you through an expertly restored cobblestone bridge surrounded by stunning vistas.

Fall activites in Canada - Savour the delights of apple picking across Canada
Understand the deep connection between apples and Canadian culture.

Savour the delight of apple picking across Canada

With fall traditionally being the period when the harvest is usually gathered, many provinces organize apple picking festivals as part of fall activities in Canada, where people can understand the cultural importance of the fruit, and sample (and buy) many products that feature one of the world’s most commonly grown crop, including apple butter, apple sausages, and apple cider. 

There are loads of apple orchards you can visit during this time of the year all the way from British Columbia in the west, to Ontario and Quebec in the east, and beyond. Do look up apple orchards and apple-picking activities in your province and enjoy a unique experience that is fun for all.

Fall activities in Canada - The salmon run is an annual fish migration event.
The Ontario salmon run typically starts in early September and runs through until early November.

Witness a salmon run in British Columbia and Ontario

Salmon is a rather unique species of fish…they are among the few fish that swim upstream, embark on epic migrations from rivers to seas, and more often than not return to where they were spawned when it’s time to reproduce, all of which make observing them a wonderful experience.

If you live in British Columbia, you can check out the amazing behaviour of the Pacific Salmon, and even take part in fishing activities, while Ontario is home to conservation efforts towards the Atlantic and other variants, enabling the fish to be observed in their natural habitat.

Fall activities in Canada - Twist and turn through corn mazes in Alberta and Manitoba
Corn mazes are fun to navigate for kids as well as adults.

Explore the twists and turns of corn mazes in Alberta and Manitoba

With corn planted in fields growing up to eight feet or even higher during the fall season, many farms shape their harvest into mazes that provide great fun for adults and children alike and are among the most popular fall activities in Canada.

Featuring a mind-boggling array of twists and turns that require you to use teamwork and togetherness to overcome, corn mazes are very popular in the prairie provinces – Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – but are also found in the others. 

Fall activities in Canada - Prep for a Thanksgiving feast by visiting a farmer’s market.
Farmer’s markets have the best local ingredients for you to buy!

Prep for a Thanksgiving feast by visiting a farmer’s market

Thanksgiving in Canada takes place on the second Monday in October and features a delicious, mouth-watering array of treats that feature the best and finest of the fall harvest. 

If you’re planning on hosting your own Thanksgiving dinner as you integrate into your new community, break bread and forge bonds of friendship, there’s no better place to have your pick and find the best ingredients than a traditional farmer’s market, where the finest cuts of beef and ham, and the best vegetables are just waiting to be turned into a tantalizing feast that many will remember. 

Farmer’s markets are found all over the country and are a great way to support local farmers and small businesses. Do look up farmer’s markets in your local community and head there today!

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Fall activities in Canada - Savour the flavours of yet another iconic fruit in Canada.
Savour the flavours of yet another iconic fruit in Canada.

Lose yourself in the cranberry harvests of Muskoka and Ottawa, ON

With the efforts of amazing community spirit in rural Ontario, the Bala Cranberry Festival, which runs from October 13 to 15, is one of the best ways to savour the flavours of yet another iconic fruit in Canada. Running for over 35 years since 1984, festivals like this one are all about introducing people to small-town culture and putting such picturesque places on the map.

If you’re driving past a cranberry farm in Ottawa or the surrounding areas, don’t be surprised if you spot seas of red: harvested a couple weeks before Canadian Thanksgiving, cranberries are sometimes gathered in ‘bogs’: large collections of the fruit gathered over the water. Some farms will even let you dive in for an experience that will live long in your memory.  

Fall activities in Canada - Embark on a scenic road trip through the heart of Quebec.
Quebec, the heart of Francophone Canada is definitely worth a visit this fall.

Embark on a scenic road trip through the heart of Quebec

With its unique culture and stunning landscapes, the heart of Francophone Canada is definitely worth a visit. Quebec features 18 amazing tourist routes where you can experience what makes the province so special: nature, history, wonderful views, and delicious local cuisine. 

Explore the lands around the St. Lawrence River – one of Canada’s most iconic and important waterways, journey through the mountains, or revel in the bucolic surroundings of Quebec’s countryside as you embark on an adventure that you will treasure for a lifetime. Just remember that you follow the blue signage! 

Fall activities in Canada - Witness the unique creation that is the Pumpkinferno.
Your little ones are going to love the Pumpkinferno!

Witness the unique creation that is the Pumpkinferno

With both Halloween and Thanksgiving taking place during the fall, pumpkins are an essential part of traditions around this time of the year. 

Another rather unique and thrilling experience – especially for your little ones – is the Pumpkinferno, a fiery conflagration featuring candles within artificial pumpkins carved using special moulds. 

Arrayed in a number of patterns, depending on where you want to see them, Pumpkinferno decorations can take the shape of a dragon, the colours of the rainbow, and the theme of Canada’s Great White North. 

As part of fall activities in Canada, Pumpkinferno exhibits are found in most provinces. If you live in Ontario, some of the places to find them include Fort Henry, Upper Canada Village, and Discovery Harbour.

Fall activities in Canada - The Bay of Fundy has some of Canada's most staggeringly beautiful views.
The Bay of Fundy has some of Canada’s most staggeringly beautiful views.

Take an RV to the Bay of Fundy between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Located between two Canadian provinces, the Bay of Fundy is one of Atlantic Canada’s most beautiful locations, and is served by the Fundy Trail Parkway, a coastal road that winds alongside the seashore, flanked by thick forests on one side and azure oceans as far as the eye can see on the other. 

If you’re someone who loves the comforts of home, step into an RV and turn an adventurous excursion into an epic road trip. At Fox Rock, you can catch your first glimpse of the bay, before continuing to Fuller Falls, where you can’t help but be amazed by the staggering views in front of you. 

If you wish to stretch your legs, hike down the Long Beach Brook Falls Trail. Many scenic lookouts just after Long Beach offer you differing perspectives of the bay, each one just as amazing as the next. 

Fall activities in Canada - People hiking at Sunshine Meadows near Banff National Park.
It’s hard not to fall in love with Banff.

Get to Banff, AB, for an iconic fall experience

One of Canada’s most sought-after tourist destinations, Banff is a magnet for admirers of the great outdoors throughout the year. Fall is a great time for you to go hiking between the mountains, explore the lakes that dot the landscape, and if the mood strikes, gain some new perspectives on life. For example, Sunshine Meadows in Banff National Park is a great hiking and sightseeing destination.

As part of your fall activities in Canada, take in the wonders of nature as you hike through larch trees covered in golden-hued leaves, rock cliffs that reveal stunning views beyond, and lakes that shine like jewels in a panoramic landscape. 

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