Canada doubles scope of PR pilot program to 1000 out-of-status construction workers in GTA

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The permanent residence pilot program launched in 2019 for 500 out-of-status workers in the construction industry in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) now applies to 1,000 workers. Established by  Immigration, […]

Coming to Canada? Chidi Iwuchukwu’s book is packed with advice for you

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Like many others, Chidi Iwuchukwu has first-hand experience of immigrating to and settling in Canada. He learnt several things along the way but isn’t one to keep the wisdom to […]

Small business advice for newcomer entrepreneurs in Canada

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Starting a business anywhere in the world is no mean feat. And if it’s your first in Canada as an immigrant, your prior experience may come in handy but there’s […]

How Windmill loans can help immigrants to Canada upgrade their skills

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As a new immigrant to Canada, you might feel the need to upgrade your skills to secure employment or advance in your career here. Financial stability or access to funds […]

Immigrant Olubukola Abdul urges newcomers to arrive prepared with Planning for Canada

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Olubukola Abdul, who moved from Nigeria to Canada with her family in December 2019, is grateful for the career, settlement and education support she received during Planning for Canada’s sessions, […]

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