Nova Scotia sees a growth spurt with a record number of permanent residents

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Of late, Nova Scotia has made great strides in attracting immigrants in order to grow its population and strengthen the province’s economy and communities. In 2019, it welcomed 7,580 new permanent residents, almost 27% more than its previous record of 5,970 in 2018.  “Our immigration growth is something to celebrate. We plan, support and invest […]

Canadian winter fix: Here’s what you must know about the February chill

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by Shruti Dargan What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Canada? The biting winter, eh? Well, when the average temperature stays below zero and the calendar says February, it’s officially time to gear up in the warmest layers in your wardrobe to brave the bone-chilling cold outside, especially if it’s your […]

What are presentation skills and how do you build them?

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Who says soft skills come in handy only in the workplace? Personal skills coach and trainer Roxana Radulescu, who labels soft skills as personal skills, talks about how these are essential in our everyday lives, especially for newcomers. In conversation with New Canadians reporter Vasudha Sharma, Roxana shares how you can add personal skills to […]

An immigrant success story: Bassem Ghali

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Self-made entrepreneur Bassem Ghali can be an inspiration to us all. What started out as a side project at work turned into a hard-earned career in the world of search engine optimization. Bassem’s advice? Have courage and try new things! Get his full story in the video.

Canadian Language Benchmarks standard, and what it means to newcomers

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Communities are stronger when everyone is engaged, connected and well-integrated. For that very reason, developing language skills is essential for any newcomer to Canada. Some newcomers need help to improve their language skills to get a job, while others want to learn English in order to navigate activities and interactions in their daily lives. This […]

How the Asian community helped revive the Charlottetown Skating Club

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When the Charlottetown Skating Club, which has been in operation for over six decades, struggled to attract as many skating enthusiasts as earlier, a parent of a member in the club’s junior program came to its rescue. He, along with the many visitors of his Asian store, helped revive this club in Prince Edward Island […]


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