Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership, Canada’s new way to support LGBTQ refugees

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Starting in 2020, the Canadian government will be flagging off the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership, which will help more Canadians in privately sponsoring LGBTQ refugees. This will greatly benefit the scores of people who are fleeing violence and persecution on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The partnership builds on the Rainbow […]

Hand-holding society

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by David Mendoza Every year, thousands of us, come to Canada from all over the world in pursuit of better life and career opportunities. Some of us come to find ourselves, some to relocate with our families, some to escape from war, and some to study and upgrade our skills. Call us International students, immigrants, […]

Employers today are looking at your social media profiles too

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Today, applying to a job also means that you need to be prepared for your potential employer to want to take a look at your social media profiles. This might include your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Given that our world is moving to more digital interactions, employers and application tracking systems are also looking […]

An immigrant success story: Bassem Ghali

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Self-made entrepreneur Bassem Ghali can be an inspiration to us all. What started out as a side project at work turned into a hard-earned career in the world of search engine optimization. Bassem’s advice? Have courage and try new things! Get his full story in the video.

Canadian Language Benchmarks standard, and what it means to newcomers

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Communities are stronger when everyone is engaged, connected and well-integrated. For that very reason, developing language skills is essential for any newcomer to Canada. Some newcomers need help to improve their language skills to get a job, while others want to learn English in order to navigate activities and interactions in their daily lives. This […]

Meet Gina Cody, a foreign-student-turned-engineering-superhero of Concordia

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Gina Cody’s mother, who married young, wanted her daughters to continue their education, and be independent. Gina, who came to Canada in 1979 during the revolution in Iran, not only carried on the mission that was given to her by her mother, but became the first woman in her program at Concordia University to finish […]


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